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PT. Idealtata Building Products was founded in 1999 as a manufacturing company providing design and installation for metal roof and wall construction materials. We are optimistic Become part of a provider of quality products for metal roofs, metal walls, c/z purlins, light steel and metal floor decks that can support development in Indonesia. Our production facility is located in Cikande – Banten. The area is 2.1 hectares. With more than 50 machines and a production capacity of 15,000 tons/month. We are very grateful to have participated in completing thousands of projects in a variety of different industries.

As a company that continues to want to innovate and have a good impact on our partners. The following are the Vision, Mission and Goals of PT. Idealtata Building Products


Always provide the best quality products for the development of Indonesia.


Providing the most innovative services and products of the highest quality to all of our partners.


Become the best partner for each of our work partners and provide full service in design, installation and after-sales service.


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